koolsol is a free classic single-card solitaire game that also works offline. It is without registration and contains the solutions of the games.

You can also play offline and in this case the draws come from games preloaded by the application.

It works on computers, mobile phones or tablets (ipad, iphone, android, IOS, windows and firefox), preferably with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, firefox or another modern browser.

It is without registration and no download is required thanks to serviceWorker technologies (pwa = progressive web app) or appcache.

Up to 130 games can be pre-loaded, so it's handy if you have to take the train, plane or subway.

Cards can be moved with the mouse or finger for touch devices.

A "flick" is also enough to move the cards, it is much faster.

The rules are the same as the classic solitaire but the proposed games all have solutions that you can see and you can also learn to play according to these rules which are quite simple.

It replaces the solitaire of windows 10 or the windows 8 which are no longer "completely" free.

By playing solitaire you can turn waiting into entertainment.

Once the rules of the game of solitaire with one card learned - and they are quite simple - you will not be able to do without it.

This version of the solitaire is different from the other versions because the games are numbered and all have a solution.

This solitaire is translated into several languages ​​and you can see the countries of the players that play at the same time as you.

If you are in a network coverage or connected to the internet, you will see the list of countries in which players have recently won games.

How to play ?

Consult the help by clicking on the "?" then click on the "see a solution" button, you will learn the rules of the game.

How does it works ?

A program attempts to solve random draws, and the resolved draws are offered by the game.

Who is koolsol for?

This solitaire game is for players who like a fast and responsive game.

Since you just have to launch the cards, they automatically position themselves on the piles that can receive them.

The game becomes very fluid and only your playing pleasure is important.

koolsol has been designed by people who like playing solitaire.

No stress, you can resume a game even if you close all the windows of your browser.

In the subway, train, taxi or plane (offline), in the supermarket queue, and in general, whenever a wait time can be turned into entertainment time, koolsol will be your game .

How to play with other players ?

If you are a group of players in the same room, you can all play the same game.

The game master clicks on the "?" and choose the one-star level to select the easy games.

The game master loads a new game and looks at the game number he has loaded by moving the card that is leftmost.

The game master tells other players which game number to load.

The other players load this game number using the keyboard which is at the bottom of the screen that appears when one clicks on the "+" (new game).

Everyone plays this game, the first to find the solution shows "bravo" to others.

koolsol protects your anonymity.

Your identity is unknown because koolsol does not ask you to login and only the IP address (which gives an indication of the country) is known.

Each time you connect to the internet, an address is assigned to you by your operator.

This is the equivalent of a phone number except that this number may vary over time. This is one of the ways to keep your anonymity.

The ranges of IP addresses are distributed by country, which is why only the country is known.

Sites that give the more detailed geographical position according to the IP address are not very reliable.

koolsol only takes the minimum space in your browser.

On chrome, firefox or opera browsers, the pwa (progressive webb apps) technology allows you to save the main page in the browser.

On safari browsers for ios or mac, koolsol uses an old technology that simulates the progressive webb apps mode.

koolsol is easy to access.

On android devices, you can put a shortcut on the home page of your device.

On iphones and iPad, you need from safari add the shortcut on the home page.

koolsol is secure.

Access is via https.

No native application is installed on your device. koolsol runs without download and you do not take the risk to install a third-party software.

Security is ensured by the browsers of the device manufacturers and as the browser is the most used software in the world, it must ensure a high level of security.

This game is also an android app

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