Koolsol is a free classic solitaire one card game without registration. You can play offline and the game contains the solutions of the card draws.

Classic solitaire game of patience free with one card, with solutions of the games

This free solitaire klondike game will display resolvables card draws.

You can also play offline and the card draws will be random and not always resolvable but you also can prefetch some card draws.

It works on computers, smart phones or tablets preferably with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari or an other modern browser and it requires a modern browser.

No registration is required.

It is made like the classic solitaire but the proposed games ( 1000000 ) always have solutions that you can view and you can also learn to play with the rules that are quite simple.

Cards can be moved with the mouse or finger for tactils devices.

A quick swipe is enough to launch the cards.

It replaces the windows 10 or windows 8 solitaire that are no longer free.

It is translated into several languages ​​and you can see the players by counties.

A quick swipe is also sufficient to move the cards , it's much faster.

How to play

Look at help using buttons "?" then "Learn how to play"

How does it work

A program tries to resolve random card draws and the resolved card draws become available.

These card draws are the ones that you can play. There are 1000000 available card draws and more to come.

This game is also available in french

This game is also available in spanish

This game is also available in italian

This game is also available in russian

This game is also available in portuguese

This game is also available in german

This game is also an application of the Chrome Web Store

This game is also an android app

Koolsol Solitaire Google+

Koolsol Solitaire YouTube

Compatible Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Apple, Linux

players come from these countries :
Spain , Madagascar , Italy , Chile , Algeria , Reunion , France , Netherlands , Canada , Argentina , Colombia , Philippines , Ecuador , Australia , Brazil , Venezuela , India , Mexico , Nicaragua , Bolivia , Singapore , Iceland , Belgium , Bulgaria , Lithuania , Honduras , Mali , Kenya , Belarus , Panama , Guatemala , United States , Costa Rica , Uruguay , Paraguay , Peru , Cameroon , Switzerland , Martinique , Poland , Germany , El Salvador , New Zealand , French Polynesia , Ukraine , Bosnia and Herzegovina , South Africa , Denmark , Slovakia , Morocco , Congo , New Caledonia , Mauritius , United Kingdom , Cote D'Ivoire , Monaco , Sweden ,
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